Guest Lectureship @ University of Applied Sciences Windesheim (NL)

From May 6-11, 2012 I will teach at University of Applied Sciences Windesheim (NL). The main purpose of this trip is to give lectures and seminars for staff and student teachers on:

  • Lecture: “Web 2.0: a digital hype or change of paradigm in teaching?” (May 8, 12:30-13:10 CET)
  • Lecture: “Social Media and digital citizenship: How YouTube & Co. might contribute to constructivist learning”(May 9, 10:00-11:30 CET)
  • Workshop: “Mind the App – 3-clicks-Edu-Apps for teachers: Simple, but effective internet tools for the classroom”
  • Conversation Class for EFL student teachers.

I will autotweet my lectures (in case equipment works), hashtag: #stra_windesheim, in case you’re interested.

Also, shortly before my departure to the Netherlands, I will give an online keynote at DaF-Webkon2012 (in German) on Sunday, May 6, 13:00 CET.  Topic: Web 2.0: a digital hype or serious change of paradigm in teaching.


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