Brand new publication for language teachers: Inspiring internet tools and activities to engage your students.

Finally! After some long and intensive work, I am glad to announce my newest publication: “Mind the App! Inspiring internet tools and activities to engage your students” (Helbling International).

Expertise and experience

I have really tried to put my favourite web-based tools into this book. It introduces teachers and their students to some of the most useful and interesting web applications for language teaching and learning.

Loads of Education Tools for the foreign language lesson

Mind the App! covers a variety of applications such as Wordle, Animoto, TodaysMeet, Voicethread, Prezi, Learning Apps, etc., all of which are presented in clearly explained step-by-step sequences using screenshots and lesson plans. Each application includes a variety of activities to stimulate students’ interest and to help them understand how the applications work and how they can be used.

Didactics first!

The book does not focus on the technology behind the tools, but on practical, hands-on foreign language didactics.

Free website with updated tutorials

The book offers a free website with constantly updated video tutorials exclusively produced for the apps from the book.

Sample pages: here, here and here

Please do not hesitate to drop me a mail.

All the applications featured in the book are also listed in my presentations. Creative Commons! Grab them! 🙂

How to order the book:




Or simply Amazon -):

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